an inclusive and welcoming Christian community

Solstice Singers is a community choir that meets at the church to sing on Wednesday evenings. Solstice gathers every Wednesday night from 7.30 – 9pm within the school terms. Digby Hannah conducts the choir and welcomes anyone who wishes to join ..there is no audition process. Everyone is welcome..and there is a $solstice-logo-25 fee per session.If you are unable to pay please don’t let that stop you from coming along. The songs sung range from Gospel standards to pop rock favourites. At the moment it consists of about 8 people who are members of our church and approximately 30 others from the local community. The choir is one way in which we engage with the broader community.

Solstice originated with an inconspicuous advertisement in the community section of a St Kilda newspaper. We invited local people to come together for a ‘season of song’, which was to last for eight weeks. Around 25 locals signed up for this two month ‘season’. Over six years later, many of the same people are still singing together in what emerged as Solstice.

We sing for the sheer pleasure of it, with an occasional gig – often for a local cause. There is something extraordinary about the experience of a cappella community singing, with its merging of human voice without instrumental accompaniment – it lifts the spirits, warms the heart, calms the mind and relaxes the body. And it mysteriously connects one person with another.

For more information, please contact Digby Hannah (0408 141 067)