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Let Sam stay – 23 Nov 2015

Dear friends,

Thank you for your care and support of Sam Song. As many of you are already aware on Wednesday November 18th Michael Short from The Age published an excellent article about Sam and his plight to remain in Australia. The article has generated some terrific conversation and comment.

So what do we do next?

A face book page called ‘Let Sam Stay’ has been created (Thank you Judi Kenneally!). We need to get as many people as possible posting on it and sharing it amongst their networks. Here’s the link:

Please remember to end your post with:  #letsamstay 

We need to keep Sam’s story and plight alive. We need to alert Minister Dutton to Michael Short’s article and the overwhelmingly supportive comments from the Australian public posted. And we are going to ask Minister Dutton to respond to our emails.

Sam’s lawyer Genevieve Hamilton has collated and summarised the comments from Michael Short’s article. They are attached as a Word document here: Sam Song Dutton email (1)  . Please attach it to your email to Minister Peter Dutton.
Here are Minister Dutton’s email addresses. Please email him on either or both (you will receive an automatic reply from Minister’s Dutton’s office once you have sent your email):

Your email to Minister Peter Dutton may look something like this (or you are very welcome to use this one):

Dear Minister Dutton,

On Wednesday November 18th Michael Short from The Age published an article about Sam Song (Korean name: Byung Woo Song) and his plight to remain in Australia. Sam currently holds a bridging visa E which expires on December 18th. The article has generated overwhelmingly positive feedback in support of Sam Song.

By mid-morning on Friday November 20th 280 comments had been posted in response to the article. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • There were 196 individual commentators
  • 155 were clearly positive and supportive of Sam remaining in Australia.
  • 18 were negative
  • 23 were uncertain in that they wanted more information or their comments were on some other topic altogether

Here is the link to the article:

Minister Dutton I understand that everyone’s situation is unique and exceptional to differing degrees. Sam has been in Australia for 23 years. That is nearly half his life. He no longer has any connection with Korea; his home is Australia. He was able to stay this long because of an Australian government mistake. In his small way he strengthens the social fabric of Australia.

I recognise that there are many urgent and pressing concerns that the Australian Immigration Department needs to respond to. But I implore you to please consider Sam’s situation with care and compassion and give him permission to remain in Australia where he will continue to make a wonderful contribution to Australian society.

Minister, I look forward to hearing a response from you soon.
(Your details here)

Again, thank you all. Keep praying for Sam. Let’s circulate this email far and wide and get people emailing the Minister and his office. And invite as many people as you know to the ‘Let Sam Stay’ Face Book page.
With gratitude,

Stacey Aslangul
St Kilda Baptist Church