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Sam’s Story in The Age 18 November 2015

Dear friends,

Some of you will now be aware that Sam’s story ( and plight is being published in tomorrow’s online Age. The main article will appear at tomorrow. There is not a specific time however Michael Short’s pieces are usually put up on the homepage mid-morning or midday, to capitalize on, and give fresh things to, the surging audience at those times.

All you (and other readers) need to do to participate in the blog/chat session tomorrow is follow the prompts at the bottom of the online article. One possible response could simply be: ‘I support Sam Song and wish for the Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton to reverse his decision and allow Sam Song to stay’. The Age’s various platforms – print, tablet, online and smartphone – have separate editors. Usually Michael Short’s pieces run across all platforms, so you will probably see it in the newspaper and elsewhere, too. But the main game for us tomorrow – because of the community forum element – is online, where most of the audience is these days.

Please forward this onto all your friends, families, networks, colleagues.This is a critical moment to raise awareness of SAMs plight and hopefully get Minister Dutton’s attention. Sam and I will be at church tomorrow to respond to any comments to the article. Sam’s lawyer will be responding from her office. And Michael Short will be coordinating the discussion/conversation. There will be a laptop set up at church from 9am-2pm tomorrow if you wish to be part of the online conversation but don’t have access to a computer. Thank you all for your prayers and solidarity for and alongside Sam. It means the world to him.

Stacey Aslangul