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Update on Sam Song – 20 November 2015

Dear friends,
Thank you all for reading Michael Short’s article on Wednesday November 18. And a huge thank you to those of you who were able to leave a comment – It was a sterling effort! 
I am so very grateful to Michael Short for getting Sam’s story and plight out to the public. Thanks to social media and everyone ‘spreading the word’, Sam’s story has reached almost 20,000 people both here in Australia and overseas.
So what’s next? We would like to alert Minister Peter Dutton to Wednesday’s article and the comments made. We need to keep the story alive. We are working on a couple of things currently to make the next step clear and simple. I will be in touch soon with a way we can keep the momentum moving forward.
In the meantime please remember to write your letters to Minister Peter Dutton and share Wednesday’s article. Heres the direct link:
Again, on behalf of Sam thank you all for your prayerful and practical support. And look out for an email over the weekend