Welcome back for 2020

We are gathering again at 10am at St Kilda after our summer brunches and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Worship in the rest of summer

19/1    We welcome Gregg Morris as our preacher this week. Gregg has been a long time friend of Andrew and Stephen. As St Kilda gears up for another year of compassionate service in our community and to one another, we wanted to invite Gregg to help to do two things. The first is to help us remember “why” we do what we do. Many would say that we do what we do because we are called to live lives of love. Gregg will share a practical definition of love he recently came upon. Love defined as “an unconditional determination to understand”.

The second thing Gregg will do is to share a practical framework that will help us as we live out this call to love. The framework is called “The Circle of Courage”,  a model of human development that  integrates child development practices of tribal peoples and the findings of modern youth development research. 

26/1 Australia Day/Invasion Day/Survival Day – Digby and friends will lead our reflection.

2/2 New Beginnings Sunday – we will recognise and commission everyone who is embarking on new adventures in 2020. To give this a visual presence, please talk to Bill about completing a New Beginnings bio.

9/2 We are so blessed to have David Tacey as part of our church community. Digby will interview him on his journey of life and faith.

16/2 David Wright and Stephen Said are looking after this one for us.

23/2 Digby leads a panel on work/life/faith balance – how we negotiate the creative tensions in our lives.

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