WEEKLY UPDATE 9th February 2020

This Sunday, we welcome David Tacey to our morning service. David will be talking with Digby about his life, faith and books!

Funeral service for Jennifer Anderson, Tuesday 11th Feb at 2pm. Jennifer was a regular attendee at CK and was well known around St Kilda. If you would like to help with catering for afternoon tea please talk to Ross or Sally

MOTH is back again for 2020, this Wednesday 12 Feb at 6pm for BBQ tea and music, 6.30 -7.30 reflective space.   All welcome

WELLSPRING INFO & DATES Blessing Day Saturday 22 February, 10am to 3pm No cost  Whet your appetite for our 2020 program and bless our plans for the year ahead. Guest Speaker: David Tacey. This will be the first session of the Whitley College ‘Australian Spirituality’ unit, examining the ways in which spiritual yearning manifests itself in contemporary Australian culture. and all are invited (whether enrolled or not).

Sunday 9th Feb is the St Kilda Festival. This event has many road closures and may make getting to church a bit tricky for some coming from the west side of St Kilda Rd.

A commercial kitchen?

Some will recall that our church meeting last November discussed the idea of installing a commercial kitchen to assist with the logistics of Community Kitchen. While we have consistently affirmed the ministry of Community Kitchen and MOTH, we have also recognised that a commercial kitchen would require some changes to our building. Pondering this raised for us some important questions about future objectives and what we understand God is saying to us through this ministry. We thought this invited us to spend some time in further reflection and discussion.

We’d like to invite you to a Congregational Conversation on 1st March following our service of worship. To prepare for this, there are two things we’d love you to do:

  • Come to Community Kitchen (any Monday in February) and/or Matters of the Heart (Wednesday 12th February) at 6pm, especially if you’ve not been for a while, so you have a picture of this ministry of our church
  • Engage in prayerful preparation using the conversation guide that is attached to the Weekly Update.

One of the many gifts of our community is the willingness to respectfully discuss and discern these things together. We are very grateful.


Proverbs 8:1-21 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Proverbs+8%3A1-21&version=NIV


DateFeb 9Feb 16Feb 23
WelcomingHilde & PhilThelma & BronwenSam
Hospitality GrpFelicity Grp3David Grp4Hilde Grp6
Worship LeaderFelicityDavid W Andrew
SpeakerDavid TaceyStephenDigby & Panel
Young Theos  Bri 

We are a community of people drawn together by the love and grace of God

exemplified for us in the life of Jesus.

We welcome everyone.

This includes people of all cultures, races, religions,

mental and physical capabilities,  sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are committed to peace with justice, and the integrity  of all creation.

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