WEEKLY UPDATE 16th February 2020

A big heartfelt thank you to Ross and all the volunteers who assisted in making Jennifer’s funeral such a special time for friends and family. And then on Wed we had our first MOTH for the year and we were all blessed and enriched hearing the stories of some of the folk who attend.

Thank you to David Tacey and Digby for sharing some of the moments and stages that have shaped David’s life and faith. If you would like to hear more from David you can hear him at WellSpring’s  Blessing Day Saturday 22 February, 10am to 3pm No cost  Whet your appetite for our 2020 program and bless our plans for the year ahead. Guest Speaker: David Tacey. This will be the first session of the Whitley College ‘Australian Spirituality’ unit, examining the ways in which spiritual yearning manifests itself in contemporary Australian culture. and all are invited (whether enrolled or not).

 Next Sunday 23rd Feb Digby will lead a panel discussion on faith and work.

Thank you to all who make our time together so rich and diverse.

Deacons meet next Thursday 20th Feb at 7.30pm

Community Kitchen Management meets Tuesday 18th Feb at 7.30pm at Ross and Sally’s.

We are a community of people drawn together by the love and grace of God

exemplified for us in the life of Jesus.

We welcome everyone.

This includes people of all cultures, races, religions,

mental and physical capabilities,  sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are committed to peace with justice, and the integrity  of all creation.

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