2nd August 2020

This Sunday 2nd August we will use Zoom for our morning service. We will open the zoom at 9.50 so folk can have a short catchup and then at the end of the service we will go into breakout rooms to have some time to share with one another. Teash will be leading us, and Ross will be preaching on Matthew’s account of the feeding of the 5000.

We will share communion together during the service so please have some bread or toast and wine or juice or maybe a coffee with you.

If you would like to join our service please email admin@stkildabaptist.org.au for the link.

Bible reading Romans Matthew 14:13-21 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+14%3A13-21+&version=NIV

Andrew is taking 3 weeks leave from 29 July til 18th August. We pray for a restoring and restful time for him and Alice as they holiday at home!

During August we will be hearing from Ross, Digby, Alan and Teash on Sunday mornings as we return to the gospel of Matthew.

Freshwater Dreaming Mural We have heard from Viv Parry that the film of the painting of our mural is being screened on SBS on Friday week – 7th August – at 4:40pm.

Kitchen renovation update: The stone benchtops are due to be installed on Monday and then the rest of the stainless steel sinks and benches can go in. Finally the plumber and electrician will finish off their connections and then we can restock and sort out the cupboards and shelves and start cooking again. Although we can’t have people coming for a sit down meal, we can provide take away meals and food parcels of fresh fruit and vegies. So this is very exciting to look forward to and a wonderful way to reconnect with some of the folk from CK who are doing it tough in isolation.

Here is the prayer I shared last week as a blessing at the end of our service

My Sheltering Place by Rodney Marsh


I open the door of my heart

to seek shelter

In the stillness and silence

my heart becomes

the guest

My god, my host,

becomes my protector

My heart, my home

a sheltering place

Love is at home

in my sheltering place

Here fear and anger

cannot enter

Here I hear a new command


Love as I have loved you.

We are a community of people drawn together by the love and grace of God

exemplified for us in the life of Jesus.

We welcome everyone.

This includes people of all cultures, races, religions,

mental and physical capabilities,  sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are committed to peace with justice, and the integrity  of all creation.

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