Asylum Seekers Advocacy Group

This group of about 10 people, attempt to make some practical responses to the plight of people seeking asylum in Australia, especially those held in inhumane conditions on Manus Island and Nauru, and those in onshore detention suffering the removal of all support benefits. This year, the group:

  • Met with Jenny Leahy, a refugee advocate with good contacts on Manus Island & Nauru – to become better informed on practical support for these people;
  • Organised a pre-election public forum with candidates (Josh Burns- Labor & Stephanie Hodgkins-May- Green) for seat of Macnamara in April, to specifically address concerns about Fed govt’s policies towards people seeking asylum;
  • Continued in protest vigils and wrote petitions and letters to Labor MPs & Cross-bench Senators to oppose repeal of the MEDEVAC legislation;
  • Provided some moral, emotional support to those seeking asylum in our midst.
  • Invited an Asylum Seeker Resource Centre spokesperson to update the church on the current situation esp. on the MEDEVAC legislation, plus how the church could respond on 28th July;

We want to continue to explore ways our church can respond to this current justice issue.

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