RAP: Our Reconciliation Action Plan reflects our commitment to build respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture into the various aspects of our church life. We do this through:

  • Paying attention to indigenous culture and issues in our worship, our education and through our prayers.
  • Developing relationships with indigenous people both locally and across Australia.
  • Working in Partnership with others in local, statewide and national spheres to ensure that all marginal groups, but especially indigenous Australians, are able to share on an equitable basis the resources that provide basic human rights such as: food, shelter, material goods, education, health and wellbeing, and access to information.

Some of the activities organised by our RAP Committee in the last year have included:

  • art exhibition of paintings by Galliamble, an indigenous men’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in St Kilda
  • support of Aboriginal pastor Tony and Francine Riches, who head the Melbourne Indigenous Church, the only Aboriginal church in Melbourne, including a visit to the church
  • a combined service at the Melbourne Indigenous Church
  • guided Australian Heritage walking tour, of places significant to the Yalukit Willam clan of the Boon Wurrung people in St Kilda.
  • Guest preachers from the Aboriginal community

Download our Reconciliation Action Plan – Latest RAP

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