an inclusive and welcoming Christian community


St Kilda / Elsternwick Baptist Church
is an inclusive and welcoming Christian community at
9 Pakington Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Please come and join us at 10am on Sundays when we get together to worship God, explore faith and connect with each other.

Its not always easy to be part of a church these days. Were busy and overworked, and (some) churches feel more like hard work than we would like them to.

So – why do we bother? When Jesus talked to his followers about being together, working together and living their lives of faith together, he wasn’t trying to make life difficult.

He saw the great potential in people of faith gathering together. He knew that maintaining and growing faith in a world that does not always value it would be hard – but that it would be easier together.

He knew that we were created to be in relationships with other people – and that a Christian community would be a great place for that.

He knew that, if other people were going to find faith for themselves, that there would have to be places full of people who lived differently, and who could show what a life full of faith was like – and that a church could be a place like that.

We don’t always succeed at doing and being those things – but we’re trying.

Here’s what we love about our church: you can come and just be yourself; you can come to express faith, doubt, ideas, worries, joys and troubles and always be welcome; your kids can come along and be welcome too; you can find other people who believe that faith leads you to be concerned about the world, and not just yourself; you can be cared for if you’re struggling and care for others when that’s what they need; you can find ways to use your gifts and talents no matter what your background, age, culture or level of faith. That’s why we belong to our church.


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